3 Differences Between Configuration Management vs Change Management

configuration management vs change management

Configuration Management vs Change Management – Definitions & Differences Is configuration management part of change management? Or, is it the other way around? A few months ago, there was an interesting discussion on one of the LinkedIn forum. The discussion was focused on configuration management vs change management. A few participants said that Configuration Management […]

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3 Key Differences Between Project Program and Portfolio

project program and portfolio

Do you understand the difference between Project, Program and Portfolio Management? Generally all of us use Project, Program and Portfolio in day to day language without really giving a thought about the underlying meaning of these terms. But, most of the project managers find it difficult to distinguish between these terms. I have written this […]

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Critical Path Analysis Example – 2 Ways to Calculate Critical Path

critical path analysis

Critical Path Analysis Example – Using 0 and 1 Method I got introduced to Critical Path Analysis in the year 1997. I am a software engineer by education. I learned most of the project management concepts while managing software projects – Critical Path Analysis was one such concept. I learned about Critical Path while using […]

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Difference Between Work Performance Data and Work Performance Information

work performance data work performance information

Do you know the difference between Data and Information? Data and Information are common terms in the realm of Data Science. These terms have specific meanings. The difference between these two terms can be easily understood by looking at the above two images. In very simple language, we can say that Computing Devices need Data […]

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5 Differences Between Work Package And Activity

work package and activity

Work Package and Activity – Definitions, Differences & Examples You are at the right place if you want to know the difference between Work Package and Activity. But, why do you want to differentiate between Work Package and Activity? Practically, it doesn’t matter whether you call a Work Package an Activity or vice-versa. At the […]

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Analogous and Parametric Estimation

project estimation

Project Estimation Techniques Project Estimation is one of the most important part of project management. Good Project Estimation is cardinal for the success of a project. Project Estimation Techniques are covered under both Time Management and Cost Management Knowledge Areas of PMBOK® Guide. The Project Estimation Techniques described in PMBOK® Guide are universally applicable to […]

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3+4 Differences Between Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

quality assurance and quality control

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control – Definitions and Differences I have been conducting PMP and general Project Management training classes for a few years. In my experience, class discussions using small day-to-day examples are the best way to learn about a topic. During my classes, I encourage students to speak up about the difference between […]

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How is Project Sponsor Role Different From Customer’s?

project sponsor role definition customer

Project Sponsor vs Customer – Role & Definition When you think about project funding, you would think about Project Sponsor Role. So what is the role of Customer? Doesn’t Customer provide funds for the project? Is Project Sponsor same as Customer? Is Customer and Client same? I am often asked these kind of questions during […]

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3-Point Estimate is Different From PERT…


What is PERT and 3-point Estimate? Estimation is one of the most basic concepts of Project Management. In fact poor and improper estimation is one of the main causes of challenged projects. There are many ways to Estimate. Some of these estimation techniques are specific to an industrial domain like software size estimation techniques. While […]

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