PMP Exam Experience: Is 60% In Practice Tests Enough To Pass?

pmp exam experience

Sometimes, actual PMP exam experience belies well entrenched beliefs. Amy Herman’s experience from the PMP certification test contradicts one such strongly ingrained belief. Most experts, including me, believe that you should score about 80% in the practice tests to pass the exam. Even though PMI has not said anything about the qualifying marks, past experiences … Read more

PMP Exam Review: How To Pass The Exam Under Testing Circumstances?

pmp exam review

Sometime ago Asad posted his PMP exam review on Reddit. He passed the certification test with flying colors with ‘above target’ in four domains and ‘target’ Monitoring & Controlling domain. I contacted him and requested him to publish his opinion on my blog. He happily and readily agreed. I believe Asad’s analysis and evaluation of … Read more