EVM – Is it useful?


How EVM can be implemented in Projects? In my previous post I explained EVM through an example – Building Tables. Was that a practical project or practical measurement? I would not say so. Does an impractical project gel with my blog philosophy?EVM – Here I come… One of the reader’s wrote following comment on the … Read more

Earned Value Analysis: Formulas, Calculation & Example

earned value analysis management

Earned Value Analysis or Earned Value Management is considered to be one of the more difficult concepts of Project Management. Many practicing professionals find the earned value terms and definitions confusing. They somehow dread formulas and calculations. I believe, Earned Value Analysis(EVA) concept is lot simpler than it is made out to be. After reading … Read more

Tips & Tricks for PMP exam

PMP Experience

I had recently written a post to share the experiences of a newly credentialed PMP – Musings of a newly anointed PMP…   The post gave some good inputs to aspiring PMP candidates. Here is another post wherein I would like to share tips and tricks from another student of mine – Abhey. I must … Read more

Total Float vs Free Float: Project Management Formulas

total float vs free float formulas in project management

I have written this article to explain the difference between Total Float and Free Float in project Management. IT provides a complete and in-depth explanation of different types of floats using examples, calculations and diagrams. It also includes definitions and formulas that can be used for solving PMP certification exam mathematical questions. Total Float is … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To PMI PMP Audit Process To Avoid Failure

pmi pmp audit process

In this post, I have described the complete details of PMP audit process. After reading this post you will find answers to frequently asked questions on the audit process like can you avoid PMI audit, at what stag is exam application audited, what percentage of applications are audited, what documents are required for verifying education … Read more

Change in PMP Exam

In December 2010 PMI announced that there will be changes to PMP exam after August 30. PMI did not provide much information but they proclaimed “…approximately 30 percent of the PMP exam will change.” “…the Professional and Social Responsibility content area (Domain 6) will now be tested in every domain rather than as a separate … Read more

Musings of a newly anointed PMP…

PMP Experience

I conduct regular PMP preparation and other PM trainings. It gives me joy and a sense of fulfillment to share my knowledge and experience with others. And sometimes it is more than fulfilling; when someone has profitably utilizes my teachings.Recently one such instance happened. A PMP aspirant who attended one of my trainings successfully passed … Read more

Hiring a Project Manager

Project Management is all about taking right decisions. Let us start by hiring a good experienced PM. So how do you hire an experienced Project Manager? Look for sound education Look for PMP or equivalent certification Look for experience with large companies Look for relevant domain experience Look at the quantum of projects managed by … Read more

Work Breakdown Structure in Project Management With Examples

You might be looking to understand what Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is and why is it important in project management. Work Breakdown Structure is deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition of total scope of work. WBS is a fabulous tool delineate and represent total scope – project as well as product scope. It is useful for estimating, … Read more